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How Homes Are Built: Basement Wall Sealing (Ep. 10) - Parade of Homes Wisconsin

September 01, 20234 min read

In today's installment of our Parade of Homes Wisconsin series, we delve deeper into the intricacies of home construction. Continuing from our last exploration on the importance of Kitchen Studs, today's topic is foundational (quite literally). Let's discuss the vital process of basement wall sealing.

The Cornerstone of a Healthy Home: Why Sealing Matters

When constructing homes at Sanctified, we're not just assembling walls, roofs, and floors. We're building dreams, sanctuaries, and lifetimes of memories. At the heart of this process lies the foundation, and ensuring its robust sealing is paramount. Here's why:

Air Infiltration and Energy Efficiency:

A sealed foundation aids in achieving commendable blower door score ratings. A tighter home means less air escaping, translating to reduced heating bills and an energy-efficient household.

The Health Factor:

It's not just about the air you breathe. Sealing prevents pesky bugs and unwanted moisture from creeping in, guaranteeing a healthier living environment.

Longevity and Durability:

A properly sealed foundation means a sturdy home. By prioritizing this, we ensure the foundation's endurance, which in turn increases your home's lifespan.

Introducing Our Champion: Siga Fentrim 430

While there are numerous products in the market, at Sanctified, we trust the prowess of Siga Fentrim 430. Its features stand out:

  • Stands Against Time: While it's designed to withstand the elements for about four months, our goal is to cover it much sooner, ensuring long-lasting protection.

  • Breathability: This product is a paradox – it keeps the air out but allows trapped moisture to escape, ensuring the foundation remains dry, which is vital for avoiding mold-related issues.

  • Application Simplicity: Unlike other products requiring elaborate steps, Siga Fentrim 430 offers a clean and quick application. It's all about efficiency without compromising quality.

Steps to a Perfect Seal

Precision is key when it comes to applying the Siga Fentrim 430. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your basement walls are sealed with perfection:

  1. Inspect Your Surface: Before applying the Siga Fentrim 430, ensure that your foundation walls are clean and free from dust, dirt, and any other impurities. A clean surface ensures better adhesion.

  2. Measure and Cut: Determine the length of the tape you will need. Always cut a few extra inches to account for any overlaps or adjustments.

  3. Peel with Caution: The Fentrim tape is split down the middle for a reason. Begin by peeling one side of the tape backing off, being careful not to touch the adhesive side excessively, as this can reduce its sticking power.

  4. Start from the Top: Apply the tape starting from the top, ensuring it adheres securely to the substrate wood. Make sure it's straight and free of any air bubbles.

  5. Secure the Bottom: Once the top is securely in place, peel off the backing from the bottom half of the tape and press it onto the concrete foundation wall. It's crucial to wrap it around securely to avoid any air gaps.

  6. Smooth it Out: Use a squeegee or a similar tool to press down the tape firmly. This action not only ensures the tape sticks well but also eliminates any trapped air or potential bubbles.

  7. Repeat: Continue this process, ensuring each piece of tape slightly overlaps the previous one, ensuring an airtight seal.

  8. Leave the Sealant: It's essential not to remove any sealant from around the Fentrim tape, as it ensures maximum stickiness and efficiency.

  9. Inspect for Gaps: Once you've finished taping, do a thorough inspection. Ensure there are no gaps or loose ends. Remember, even a small opening can compromise the effectiveness of the barrier.

  10. Store Extra Tape Properly: If you have leftover tape, store it in a cool, dry place, ensuring the adhesive side is protected from dust and debris.

Remember, your home is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s a living, breathing entity that nurtures and houses your dreams, hopes, and memories. And the foundation is where it all begins. It's crucial that you give it the attention and care it deserves.

Final Thoughts:

In the world of home construction, details matter. It's not just about the aesthetics or the superficial appeal, but about ensuring every inch of your home is crafted with precision, care, and above all, love. The process of sealing the foundation, while seemingly mundane, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall durability, safety, and energy efficiency of your home.

Our series on "How Homes Are Built" seeks to shed light on these essential yet often overlooked aspects of homebuilding. We aim to educate and inspire, offering insights into the world of home construction, one detail at a time.

For all our home enthusiasts and potential builders out there, we hope this piece has added value to your knowledge base. Should you have any queries or seek more in-depth insights, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team at Sanctified Homes is always ready to assist.

Until our next episode, happy homebuilding!

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